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Healthcare is profoundly challenged. Technology is redefining how physicians practice medicine, Federal Guidelines relentlessly buffet profitability, and insurance reimbursement is declining. The landscape is unyielding; however, the MedIQ Team and its team of Consultants, Medical Coders, Compliance Experts, and Software Development Group can help you.

Our Services

Software Development

Through our partnership with DermWrite LLC we offer Electronic Health Records (EHR) specifically designed for Dermatology. DermWrite was developed for Dermatologists by practicing Dermatologists, built on a simple premise. A quality EHR built solely for the Dermatology field shouldn't cost tens of thousands of dollars annually in software and subscription fees. DermWrite is 100% customizable to the way you practice. Clinically accurate templates are included for each skin condition, procedure, and cosmetic treatment; however, every aspect of the content can be changed to reflect your personal touch. DermWrite is a 100% cloud based electronic health record solution that allows a dermatologist to implement a turn-key solution built by dermatologists only for dermatologists. Our intuitive interface allow the clinician to quickly and elegantly document a patient encounter from multiple chief complaints, to a shave procedure all while documenting a cosmetic visit. Built on a platform that is imminently customizable you CAN have it your way!

Federal Compliance Programs

Federal Programs such as Meaningful Use, PQRS, and MIPS/Macra will impact productivity. If your practice is non-compliant your revenue will be detrimentally impacted. These Federal Programs present a dizzying array of incentives, exclusions, and penalties. They are well beyond the knowledge base of a practicing physician, practice administrator, and billing manager. Don’t tackle these programs alone. We are here to help.

Revenue Cycle Management

MedIQ is the exclusive development, implementation, and billing partner for DermWrite EHR. MedIQ assists in designing an implementation plan that is contoured to each offices individual personnel, resources, and workflow. No two Dermatology offices are alike and MedIQ recognize that the first step to implementation is a quality implementation plan. Our billing team of certified coders is here to help. The complexities of revenue cycle management are unrelenting and correlate directly to the bottom line. Are you optimizing your revenue? Call us for a complimentary analysis and evaluation.

our team

Jonathan Nurry
President and Founder

Jonathan Nurry is a Healthcare veteran and entrepreneur. He is integrally involved in every client account and takes pride in optimizing your practice financials and information technology.

Kim Ford
Director of Revenue Cycle Management

Kim Ford is a Certified Coder and expert in multi-specialty billing and compliance. One of the original team members she is incredibly knowledge about healthcare insurance and billing compliance and process.

Ashleigh Hulme
Director of Client Services

Ashleigh Hulme interfaces directly with clients in managing their software implementation. A healthcare veteran from Novartis she is at the forefront to insure our team is your team.

Sunny Parker
Director of Software and Technology

Sunny Parker manages software development for MedIQ. A healthcare veteran his are of focus is product development, software optimization, and HL7 Interfaces to pathology and lab companies.

Becky McCafferty
Patient Accounts Lead

Becky McCafferty is charged with patient services. Her primary focus is billing revenue and insuring that the patient care loop is fulfilled. A seasoned veteran in the medical billing space she prides herself on her ability to put the patients needs first.

Beth Chyorny
Specialty Surgery Lead

Beth Chyorny insures that our specialty specific procedures are optimized and remuneration completed. She is a veteran in the Mohs Surgery space and helps our clients optimize reimbursement.

Michelle Bogdan
Practice Analytics Lead

Michelle Bogdan “crunches numbers” Her primary focus is business analytics and performance benchmarks. She insures that all elements of your practice management are optimized.

Lindsay Fossi
Collections Lead

Lindsay Fossi is at the forefront of patient collections. With the advent of high deductible plans optimizing patient collections is critical to insure practice financials.

Lindsey Wallace
Dermatology Lead

Lindsey Wallace manages dermatology coding for the team. She stays at the forefront of her specialty and handle client specific challenges.

Jessica Pistello
MIPS/Macra Specialist

Jessica Pistello is our expert on Medicare Programs. Meaningful Use, PQRS, MIPS/Macra and Security Risk are her areas of expertise. She handles these areas for all MedIQ Clients.


Fiona Blanco, MD

We have been MedIQ/Dermwrite clients for several years and couldn't be happier with the level of service we receive. The entire team continues to impress us with their skill, prompt and courteous responses to our questions/concerns, attention to detail and knowledge. MedIQ/Dermwrite has turned the implementation of electronic medical records, quality measures and advanced practice management software into a relatively painless process. It is a great comfort to know that they are on our side and helping us navigate our rapidly changing healthcare environment, so that we can focus on taking meticulous care of our patients

Douglas Ahn, MD

The team at MedIQ has elevated the financial aspects of our practice. We have always delivered excellent clinical care; however, the business side of medicine now matches our patient services.

Yasemin Osman, MD

In today's world of declining reimbursements and challenging mandates the MedIQ Team delivers consulting services that allow us to remain independent. The MedIQ Team stands out in having been supportive and available in multiple office transitions. From paper to paperless we are continuing to evolve together.

Richard Fried, MD, Ph.D

The Team at MedIQ is unsurpassed. We have worked with them for over 5 years and they remain an integral part of our business financially, clinically, and insuring federal compliance. There is little doubt that they have positively impacted our practice of 10 clinicians more than any other single vendor.


We are always ready to help you. There are many ways to contact us. You may drop us a line, give us a call or send an email, choose what suits you the most.

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